“Residents of Eagle Mountain Left Stunned After Discovering Extensive Damage to Garage Doors – KSLTV”

Residents in Eagle Mountain Left in Awe After Spate of Garage Damage

Eagle Mountain residents have been left dumbfounded, as multiple instances of property damage, particularly garage doors, have been reported in the area. Utah County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the incidents.

Justin Blake, one of the victims expressed his shock to KSL TV, “It happens once and you feel more vulnerable and worry about it.” Last Monday, his family’s doorbell camera captured a loud bang and footage of their kicked and dented garage door.

Hunter Britsch, a resident nearby also experienced the same the next day. He said, “My wife was home at the time, trying to get our baby to sleep. So, she ran outside the front door and obviously saw these young kids running away and look at the garage door to see a bunch of dents.”

The families lodged reports to the police this week. Britsch said, “it makes you want to put up more cameras so we can get more footage from different angles.”

According to law enforcement, the crimes are serious as the total damage involved could lead up to felony if it surpasses an amount of $1,500. Britsch commented, “It’s really annoying because garage doors are expensive to fix.”

There has been a similar trend on TikTok known as door kicking challenges, which has authorities concerned about this Utah region. Blake suggests, “the need to reduce the negative effects from these challenges and stop these trends before they get big.”

If you have any information regarding this investigation, please reach out to the Eagle Mountain Law Enforcement Precinct at 801-794-3970.