AAA Garage Door Repairs Brisbane Expands and Now Offers Roller Garage Door Repair in Bulimba Queensland – GlobeNewswire

AAA Garage Door Repairs Brisbane Expands and Now Offers Roller Garage Door Repair in Bulimba Queensland – GlobeNewswire

Hamilton, Dec. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AAA – Garage Door Repairs Brisbane, a company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia offering roller garage door repair services and more, is proud to announce their expansion to Bulimba, Queensland. Bulimba is a suburb of Brisbane and is located just 4 kilometres northeast of the Brisbane central business district. When it comes to roller garage door repair, they can take care of various problems in garages for homes in Bulimba. These include: problems with the door not sitting level; issues with the door lock such as broken cables; broken roller; garage door not opening or closing properly; and roller out of hinge. More about this can be gleaned from

Yonny Ferisa, a spokesperson for AAA – Garage Door Repairs Brisbane, says, “We’re excited to have expanded our services to include Bulimba. Garage doors are actually designed to last a long time as long as they get proper maintenance. Unfortunately, many people neglect this need and soon discover that their old equipment really isn’t up to the task anymore. To avoid problems like these, you should get your residential garage door serviced once a year so professional mechanics can inspect and provide the proper maintenance services for residential garage door systems.”

There are three basic types of garage doors and these are the roller garage doors, panel garage doors, and tilt garage doors. The nature of the garage door repair that is needed will depend on the type of garage door. For instance, for roller garage doors, common problems include: failure of the door to lock; problems with the remote control; broken rollers, roller out of hinge, lack of smoothness when closing the door, failure to open or close properly, and more.

There are also possible issues with the garage door spring. These include: damaged springs; broken cables, failure of the garage door to remain open; malfunctioning of the lock assembly, loose door jambs; and more. But whatever the problem is, when it comes to garage door repair Brisbane residents can depend on AAA – Garage Door Repairs Brisbane.

They want to point out that there are various elements involved in garage door repair. These include: inspection and lubrication of rollers and hinges; adjustment of torsion springs and plates if there is a need; balancing of extension springs when needed; systematic checking of all nuts and bolts, and tightening them as required; cable inspection and adjustment; servicing of garage remote control devices and openers; replacement of tracking; inspection of weather seals and cables; thorough electrical inspection; replacement of all components that are no longer in top condition; and final overall safety check.

It is important to note that do-it-yourself (DIY) roller garage door repair is possible, especially for those who have experience in construction or those who have advanced DIY skills. However, most people will find that it would be better to get the services of a company that specializes in garage door repair. These doors are really heavy and the springs are under a lot of tension, which means there is a risk of hurting oneself when attempting to repair the garage door. But one thing that homeowners may want to try is to clean the garage doors. It may be …….


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